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School Programs

Programs We Run Through Schools

Dads Talk’ is a series of positive parenting workshops just for dads. Research tells us that the father-child relationship contributes unique aspects to a child’s emotional and social development. These workshops give fathers not only the opportunity to talk to other dads about parenting, but to also gain some practical ideas around being a parent and solutions to the unique challenges that fathers face today.

Positive Parenting for Dads – Relationship and Connection
In this workshop the focus is on how to develop and maintain a close relationship with your child. We will cover topics such as, Being in the Moment, Quality time, Praise and Encouragement, The Power of Play and much more.

Positive parenting for Dads - Discipline
In this workshop the focus is on developing discipline strategies that work. Not only will we explore specific approaches and tips, we will also discuss the vital role that relationship plays with discipline. Other topics covered include parenting as a team, focusing on you and why children misbehave.

"123 MAGIC and Emotional Coaching": is a behaviour based program designed to teach parents ways to manage their children’s behaviour that also builds their children’s emotional resourcefulness. It encourages a calm approach to parenting and is recommended for parents of children aged 18 months to twelve years over 3 sessions. Facilitated in English or Mandarin.

"PlayPower" is a relationship based program; teaching parents, of children 0-3 years, to understand why play is necessary for a child’s healthy development and to understand how infants and toddlers grow and develop. It focuses on identifying opportunities for parents and children to bond during everyday interactions, brainstorming ideas for using everyday household items in play, sharing experiences, toy safety and making the most of everyday moments. Duration is one 2 hour session.

Parenting in Australia in Mandarin is an early intervention program especially developed for Chinese immigrant parents to help understand a parents’ role and responsibility in Australia. It focuses on bridging cultural differences and also aims to educate Chinese parents about child protection issues in Australia, the effect of academic pressure on younger children, domestic violence and how this impacts on a child/children. Duration is one 90min session.

“First Aid Workshop for Babies and Children”.
Some of the topics that will be covered are: CPR for babies, Febrile convulsions/fitting, Airway obstructions (Choking), Allergies & Anaphylaxis, Cuts, bumps and poison.